Education Services

For a better life, get the right education and training. We’ll help you!

Education Consulting for Students: We’ll evaluate your career, preferred university/college and study location interest. We’ll then forward your details to universities and/or colleges that best match your needs. We do not charge you for this service. It is free! To get started, complete the simple enquiry form below.

Student Enrollment for Universities and Colleges: We’ll review the course enquiry details provided by students. We’ll then forward relevant enquiry details of each student to you if your institution closely matches the student’s requirements. To get started, register by simply entering your email address at the institution on our partner page.

Study Buddy and GED Prep Pal are our tutoring services to help students improve their study results.

Business English Coaching is our coaching services to help business professionals improve their business and corporate English communications skills.

Students can also join our upcoming student privilege clubcard. Your parents and family can benefit too! Signup below so we can let you know once it’s launched.

Are you registering as a potential student or to join MedVee as a business partner?