About MedVee

MedVee (My Education Vista) founder, Tayo Akiwumi wanted to use AI to help people learn with freely available books, dictionaries, course materials, lyrics and even film subtitles. Meet StudyBuddy. From grade 1 to adults, all can use StudyBuddy to enjoy self-education or home-education with ease because the StudyBuddy AI automates so much but leaves the learner and tutor in charge.

At MedVee, our constant objective is to provide a service that helps those studying to truly realise benefits from StudyBuddy. We continue to do so in an open, inclusive, honest, respectful and fair manner.


Enabling easier and very low-cost access to education for all generations, regardless of socio-economic or geographic community.


To be recognized as a top innovative and reliable provider of digital, self-education and home-based education solutions globally.


Innovation: Continue to be led by actionable and responsible innovation.

Ethics: Continue to conduct business with our ecosystem in a robustly ethical manner.

Diversity: Continually and actively promote and implement diversity and inclusivity as we conduct our business.

Green: Respect and nurture nature and continually work towards zero to positive environmental impact.