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Easily partner with AI to boost student learning

Automatically create and deploy interactive learning sessions in seconds. About any topic, in any language. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or SmartTV to access and educate, faster!

Students can learn at their own pace and focus on their chosen topics. Built-in AI and machine learning supports support the student during the interactive learning sessions. StudyBuddy personalises the learning sessions to help the student gain new knowledge with their existing vocabulary. You and your students can access StudyBuddy with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or SmartTV.

In the UK, we are an approved vendor partner of the government. If you are a government agency, registered charity or education institute in the UK, easily order StudyBuddy via our company (Miznee Ltd.) page on the UK government’s G-Cloud 13 digital marketplace. No tending requirement, just simple place an order! We have special pricing for educational entities. It’s fast, easy and simple.

So how does StudyBuddy work? Think of vocabulary as a collection of words and phrases that help students understand and communicate. The more and the better their vocabulary, the better they will understand the topic. The more knowledge they will gain about the topic.

How can a student use StudyBuddy for learning or practising a topic? Just upload the text of any subject to be studied, StubyBuddy will use AI to do the rest! That includes automatically creating interactive learning sessions or lessons for the student, in seconds. It will even speak the sessions in the student’s preferred language and voice!

As an educator, you can create multimedia interactive sessions with the assistance of StudyBuddy to include not just text but animated Gifs, images, photographs, graphs, sounds and music etc.

Interested in using StudyBudy in your schools, universities, corporations or government agencies? Please send us a quick message through our simple contact form today!